‘Cheetah Sheets’

These downloadable “Cheetah Sheets” will help you apply the AREA Method to your own high-stakes decisions. They are excerpted from Cheryl’s book “Problem Solved, A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction.

The AREA Method builds critical pauses into the research and decision-making process so you can chunk your learning. I call them “cheetah pauses.” Why? Because although cheetahs can run fast, it’s their ability to decelerate that makes them such fearsome hunters. Like the cheetah’s hunt, the AREA Method offers both stability and maneuverability.

AREA Absolute: Consider Your Research Target’s Website

AREA Relative: What Does The World Think Of Your Research Target?

AREA Exploration: Good Prospects and Great Questions

AREA Exploitation: Tempering Bias and Assumptions

AREA Analysis: Make Your Mistakes Before You Make Them

Download all five Cheetah Sheets and start improving the hunt!

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