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The Problem

All of us are faced with high-stakes decisions – decisions that will have a long term impact on our lives, where the outcome is unknown and the price for getting them wrong is costly.

The Solution

We all need a way to work with, and work through ambiguity. Mastering a good decision-making system unlocks our agency to move closer to achieving our goals and dreams.

Introducing Decisive

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Decisive is a digital decision-making curriculum to help us make big decisions better.  Gain real-world tools to help make personal, professional and academic decisions in experiential lessons on your phone, tablet or computer.

Watch how AREA Method is teaching high school students about decision making.

Below are some of the outcomes from Decisive’s 2017-18 pilot study and how the curriculum impacts high school climate, culture and national Education 2020 learning goals.

Decisive Outcomes
  • Skills to tackle complex problems
  • Self Awareness & Empathy
  • Conflict Resolution System
  • Restorative Practice
  • Life Skills: Making Big Decisions Better
School Impact
  • Academic Performance
  • Positive School Culture + Climate
  • School Operations
  • Discipline and Intervention
  • Not Just for Kids! PD too!

Content Overview

Decisive Modules follow a consistent format that provides a practical application of skills to a real-world decision.

Module 1: The Problem Solver Profile

This module focuses on teaching us about ourselves as decision-makers, introduces five different decision-making archetypes and provides a template outlining strengths and potential pitfalls, cognitive biases, associated with each archetype. Users complete worksheets guiding them to consider how to bolster strengths, limit pitfalls and better engage with others.

Module 2: Introduction to Decision-Making

This module focuses on exposing users to different kinds of daily decisions, teaches how to frame and break decisions down into component pieces to reach an outcome that users would consider successful and task them to complete worksheets that demonstrate these framing skills.

Module 3: Introduction to Mental Shortcuts

This module focuses on cognitive biases, explains why we rely on mental shortcuts and explains how they work, how to spot them and tools to control for and counter bias by collecting facts and using perspective-taking. Users complete exercises and worksheets dealing with spotting assumptions, bias and identifying credible sources of information.

Partner Spotlight

New York City Department of Education

Decisive is an approved vendor for the New York City Department of Education.

Orange High School, New Jersey

The Opportunity Network

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