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How An Emmy-Award Winning Filmmaker Used AREA to Navigate A Broken Medicaid System

Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Jason DaSilva has been living with a severe form of multiple sclerosis for over 10 years. When his son moves 1700 miles away to Austin Texas he is unable to cope with this loss. He attempts to relocate to Austin which reveals to him the extent of the broken Medicaid system. Using the AREA Method Jason discovers that state-run Medicaid would require him to live in a nursing home forcing him to decide whether it is the quantity of time or the quality of time spent with his son that is more important to their relationship.

In this latest episode of the Problem Solved podcast Jason talks about why he turned to AREA to solve his decision problem, how it helped him navigate the difficult and emotional world of disability services provided by different states and how he chronicled his research in his new film. That film, called When We Walk, was recently accepted and screened at the prestigious Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto.

You can listen to the podcast here:


And learn more about Jason’s film here:

Jason’s Vision of Success was spending more time with his son.

His Critical Concepts were:

  1. Maximize his relationship with his son
  2. Receive quality care for his own medical condition
  3. Continue his career as a documentary filmmaker

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