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Label Your Emotions to Make Better Decisions


           Facing a big decision is often a very emotional experience. The reason: Our big decisions have big consequences. But for many of us, those emotions are uncomfortable, and, instead of sitting in discomfort, we react to them either by trying to push them aside or instead allowing them to drive our decision-making. Neither solution serves us well and both may cause us to make a suboptimal decision. 

So how can we better manage the emotional content of big decisions? After all, our emotions contain valuable information about what we’re experiencing and therefore play a crucial role in our lives. Instead of trying to escape them –which we can never really do–how may we have a healthier relationship with them? Listen to this episode of the Problem Solved Podcast as I sit down to learn from Dr. Michelle Maidenberg, a licensed clinical social worker, adjunct professor at New York University and TED-X speaker discuss her new book about emotional avoidance called Ace Your Life, Unleash Your Best Self and Live The Life You Want

            In this episode you will learn how to identify, label and better engage with emotions so that you can listen to what they are communicating without sacrificing the quality of your decision-making -or your life. Dr. Maidenberg’s work, predicated on acceptance, compassion, and empowerment skills, helps those who feel slightly “stuck” and are seeking personal growth and enhancement as well as those with more complex “stuckness” caused by trauma, cumulative stress, or other significant challenges. 

                                                   Listen now and check out Ace Your Life!

How can AREA help you and your business make big decisions better?

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