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Got Financial Decisions to Make? Learn How to Invest In Financial Research

How may we improve our financial and investment decision-making? That’s the subject of my new book Investing In Financial Research, A Decision-Making System For Better Results, and the latest Problem Solved Podcast.

In an interview conducted by Lakshmi Bhojraj, the Breazzano Family Executive Director of the Parker Center for Investment Research, I answered her questions -and those of the live audience of students and professors- at Cornell University’s SC Johnson School of Business.

Listen to how I apply AREA at Columbia Business School with my students in my Advanced Investment Research class and learn how you can apply it to make your big financial and investment decisions because every day people around the world make financial decisions. Whether you are choosing to invest in a stock, sell your holdings in a mutual fund or thinking about buying a condominium, these decisions are complex and financially tricky―even for financial professionals. But the literature available on financial research is dated and narrowly focused without any real practical application. Until now there’s been a gap in the literature: a book that shows you how to conduct a step by step comprehensive financial investigation that ends in a decision.

This book gives you that how.

Investing In Financial Research is a guidebook for conducting financial investigations and lays out my research and decision-making system, the AREA Method, and applies it to investigating financial situations. AREA is applicable to all sorts of financial sleuthing, whether for investment analysis or investigative journalism. It allows you to be the expert in your own life.

The AREA Method provides you with:

  1. Defined tasks that guide and focus your research on your vision of success;
  2. A structure that isolates your sources, giving you insight into their perspectives, biases and incentives;
  3. Investigative resources, tips and techniques to upgrade your research and analysis beyond document-based sources;
  4. Exercises to foster creativity and originality in your thinking;
  5. A sequence and framework that brings your disparate pieces of research together to build your confidence and conviction about your financial decision.

Contact Cheryl for an AREA Workshop, coaching or training sessions or a presentation for your company or organization.

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