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This excellent book shows how the science of decision-making can be applied and therefore the outcome made better.

Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

It's always been amazing to me that many seemingly intelligent people have trouble thinking clearly. Their thoughts get turned into a plate of spaghetti. Here's to hoping they read your book.

Warren Buffett

It is a book about a process for decision making that helps you make better decisions. Einhorn’s AREA method fits the bill.

Shane Parrish, Farnam Street

There’s no more queasy second-guessing long after the fact. When Einhorn says, “Problem solved,” she means it.

Patricia Gale,

The AREA Method is teaching high school students about decision making.

A conversation about Problem Solved with New York Times columnist David Bornstein.

Endorsements & Reviews

“Cheryl shows how good decision-making is part imagination and part science. This excellent book shows how the science of decision-making can be applied and therefore the outcome made better. In today’s world of complexity that is a pretty useful guide!”

– Tony Blair former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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“It’s always been amazing to me that many seemingly intelligent people have trouble thinking clearly. Their thoughts get turned into a plate of spaghetti. Here’s to hoping they read your book.”

– Warren Buffett

“Problem Solved: A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction — This is not a book about doing the impossible, it is a book about a process for decision making that helps you make better decisions. In an immediate, action packed and complicated world, we are in need of a decision making processes that nudge us to do the work required to make a decision. Einhorn’s AREA method fits the bill. I specifically liked the emphasis she placed on breaking down the research phase into a series of easy-to-follow steps. “

– From Shane Parrish (Farnam Street)

Problem Solved was ranked the #1 book in a review of: The Best Content Marketing Books of 2017 to Boost Your Creativity and Productivity.
“Considered as a system and shared with your co-workers, Cheryl’s AREA system and the Cheetah Sheets that guide you will soon become a habit that you can use for simplifying complex decisions and making the correct choices.”

– Roger Parker, Content Marketing Institute

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“The AREA Method helps ground decision-making in sound research and analysis, helping to avoid the pitfalls of cursory information and faulty assumptions. From covering pro and cons to eliminating the gray areas, we arrive at the best way to move forward with confidence. And, having become an expert in the entire ecosystem of an issue, we get the the added benefit of being able to explain it convincingly to others. There’s no more queasy second-guessing long after the fact. When Einhorn says, “Problem solved,” she means it. So will anyone who uses her method to make a big decision.”

– Patricia Gale,

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“Impressively well written, exceptionally well organized, informatively presented, “Problem Solved: A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction” is an effective and practical life-enhancing read from cover to cover. While very highly recommended for community and academic library Self-Help collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Problem Solved” is also available in a Kindle format.”

– Mary Cowper, Reviewer – Midwest Book Review

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“Effective problem solving in our daily lives requires orderly thinking. Cheryl Einhorn shows us a way to do it in a short, clearly written book. Her lessons are organized around case studies that are free of jargon and to the point. In fact, her case studies are short novels that draw the reader into the dilemmas her characters face. They provide wonderful illustrations of how to go about making difficult decisions. Her book is a ‘must read’ those of us facing major decisions about our personal and professional futures.”

– John Campbell, former United States Ambassador to Nigeria and currently the Ralph Bunche senior fellow for Africa policy studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

“Cheryl Einhorn has given us a practical book providing a wealth of useful lessons for making complex decisions of almost any kind. It breaks down everything from where to look for data and insights to how to make sure you don’t see only what you want to see. This is a book that can be useful for everyone.”

– Atul Gawande, best selling author of the Checklist Manifesto and Being Mortal

“In my 25 years reporting on social innovation, I’ve found that what distinguishes the most successful organizations is how they minimize risk, pursue opportunity, track results and plan ahead. The AREA method described in this book offers an accessible and systematic approach for anyone to do this: It shows how to break down complex decisions into manageable steps, and provides a disciplined method to identify key questions, reveal core assumptions, and evaluate alternatives — helping to clarify pathways and possibilities.”

– David Bornstein, author of How To Change The World, Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, and the New York Times ‘Fixes’ Column

“At a high-level, I really benefited from using the AREA Method… and plan a similar order of operations going forward.”

– Toby

“I think the process was extremely useful and really forced me to prove assertions with real data.”

– Thomas

“I would recommend it to others as a good toolkit/checklist. It is a valuable and unique way to look at problems.”

– Brendan

“I do think that ultimately, the AREA Method led me to a better research outcome. I feel more confident and comfortable with my work and analysis. I would use the AREA Method again.”

– Lauren

“I started your book last week, the audio version, and actually stopped after 90 minutes so that I could order a printed version as well.  Your book is too good and I need to have a paper copy to take notes in the margins.”

– Dave from Texas

“Stumbled upon your podcast on Awesome at your Job and loved it. Working on a strategy to help school management to be more supportive to help teachers to prevent burn-out. Find your AREA method extremely helpful for both myself and my clients.”

– Diny, Ondernemerscoach The Netherlands

“I got so much out of this book! It reminded me of two things. I remember taking the Xerox Sales Course in the early 1980’s. It provided with a framework and system for all the sales calls I made for the next decade. Reliable. Repeatable. Provided both rhyme and reason for all my sales calls. This is exactly what Problem Solved does for your Decision Making. A thoughtful process and system to follow. And one that intelligently accounts for the biases that we invariably bring to each and every decision. Also thought of Checklist Manifesto. We may believe that our seat of the pants, going with our gut system is all we need. It isn’t. But this is. Do yourself a favor and read Problem Solved. Author Cheryl Einhorn has made incredibly accessible.”

– Denver D. (

“I really enjoyed reading the book and I am already starting to use the method. I have also shared the book with a friend who is also enjoying it.”

– Crispus, Kenya

“Thank YOU for such a fantastic event!! As I said last night, we don’t always have Thought Leaders as incredibly dedicated as you were — you truly went above and beyond with your preparation, and it showed! I had a great time, and I know our members did too.”

– Kay Sorin, Thought Leadership Manager | IVY

“A big thank you from Central Otago NZ. I heard about the AREA method on the ‘How to be awesome at your job’ podcast and I really like it! I’ve tried it myself and with clients and have found it useful regardless of what someone’s communication or training preferences are. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing what the AREA team does next.”

– Sarah Bond, Owner, Employ Me Now, New Zealand

“Cheryl tackles decision-making with clarity and confidence, making tough calls feel smoother and time with her both helpful and a delight. She spoke at our event last night and people were singing her praises for hours afterward! The common thing everyone said was, “wow she’s really smart.”

– Dina Kaplan, founder, and CEO of The Path

“Love your book so far. I believe that the AREA Method is a great tool to apply to video production. I am certain that I will be a boon for me in the future.”

– Clayton, New York

“I’ve come across the Area Method via The Psychology Podcast by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman. May I say, Wow! I am super interested in the topic and have dug deeper about this in the area method website.”

– Marvie Spies

“Cheryl, Thank you so much for your excellent presentation at WEDC’s fall networking event. You provided attendees with concrete information and steps on how to tackle the complex issues in their lives. People could relate to the examples you offered. Many thanks again for making our event a successful one.”

– Anne M. Janiak
Chief Executive Officer
Women’s Enterprise Development Center Inc.

“We featured Cheryl in one of our Vermilion Webinar series. Cheryl’s AREA method is an amazing tool for the career re-entry audience we work with. Cheryl shared insights on what the method is and how it works. The webinar was a great success. Our members were very enthusiastic about the topic and the relevance of it for Career re-entry decisions to be made.”

– Anne-Barbara Lemmens, Co-Founder, Vermilion Talent

“I found your book to be excellent and I really wish I would have learned these skills earlier in my career/life.”

– David W. McCombie III, McCombie Group, LLC

“I have just finished reading ‘Problem Solved’. An informative, thought-provoking, practical and enjoyable read, which I have added to my recommended reading list for clients. You have really filled a gap in the market.”

– Martin Soorjoo, Outperform, mental health and performance coaching

“Your book was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything.”

– Monika, Connecticut

“Dear Cheryl,
I work for a family office (my own family). I have read Problem Solved and found it very useful to better structure my research process – thanks for writing it!”

– Andrea

Investigative reporter Cheryl Strauss Einhorn’s “AREA Method” provides a framework for putting ideas to use in solving problems. AREA stands for “Absolute Information, Relative Perspective, Exploration and Exploitation” and “Analysis.” This method provides steps for focusing your research so you can make more informed strategic choices. Einhorn’s suggested “Cheetah Sheet” checklists clarify decision-making at every stage so that it’s explicit, transparent and open for reflection and scrutiny. Her approach to research can help you address and eliminate prejudices. She separates the process into useful components that let you incorporate knowledge and insight from multiple sources as you make decisions and work out your tactics. getAbstract suggests Einhorn’s approach to those who want to polish their decision-making methods.

So often in our hectically paced lives, we fail to take a step back in order to get a broader perspective and address the key variables that shape our decision-making process. Problem Solved offers a detailed, effective, example-filled roadmap to do just that, offering a step-by-step approach to improve your decision-making odds of reaching a successful result. Chapters contain “Cheetah” checklists to assist you in the process, as well as a step-by-step guide to Cheryl’s AREA method. Of particular import are the pages devoted to more effectively addressing the risks inherent in making any important, potential life-altering decision. This is a book that you may well wear out by referring to so frequently for guidance. In short – thorough, expertly written, helpful, and thought-provoking.

– Jeff Weiss, author of Relationship Investing, Stock Market Therapy For Your Money and chief technical analyst at Clearview Trading Advisors

I read your first book. You definitely outdid yourself on this one. Before I opened your book, I thought of Buffett and Kraft Heinz and the AREA Method. In your conclusion, what is said in that chapter is everything I believed leading up to it. Simply put, your book is a masterpiece.

– Mark Zashin

Absolutely brilliant, detailed reference book for the investor who wants an exhaustive list of analytical questions to ask before buying a company. Furthermore, the context to those questions – Cheryl Einhorn’s AREA method of decision-making – is an analytical map that provides structure to a process that can easily feel overwhelming. As I research a company and want to make sure I’m prepared to make an investment decision that will hold up, I expect to refer to this book over and over.

– Danielle Town, New York Times bestselling author of Invested and founder of The Invested Podcast

Your concept is a novel similar to George Soros’s reflexivity.

– Mark

HI Cheryl, I have followed your work for some time. The detail with which you articulate practical solutions is extremely valuable to anyone that reads your work.

– Dhiren, UK

I just heard you as a guest with Danielle Town on “the Invested Podcast.” I am really looking forward to reading your book, and I love your comments, thought process, and the energy and focus that you are putting out into the world. Thank you for your work! I am an “amateur” investor – self-directing my own retirement account and your approach gives me a lot of clarity on my personal investing practice. Thank you.

– Josh

Thank you and Leon (Cooperman of Omega Advisors) so very much for having taken the time out of your busy schedules to be our key note presentation. You did an outstanding job moderating and your questions were excellent. The feedback I received during the day was terrific.

– Mathias CFA Society New York, Ben Graham Investment Conference 2019

Thank you so very much for your wonderful workshop for the CFA NY on your AREA method of decision making and its invaluable usefulness as framework for advanced investment research. The case study you selected was excellent as well as very timely and topical. The feedback we received afterward was extremely favorable. I thoroughly both enjoyed your talk as well as reading your book and I will recommend it to others as well as try to make your framework a cornerstone in my own work.

Mathias Strohfeldt, CFA
Director Equity Research
Main Street Team
Certified Financial Analyst Society New York

As a life-long learner, I’m constantly re-assessing how I interpret the world around me, and your book is a good reminder of the importance of critical thinking, problem solving, and communicating clearly to make better decisions. I like the AREA method you outline.

– John Norwood TBL Ventures

As a participant of the AREA series I had ”ah-ha” moments allowing me to consciously make adjustments to my attitude and behaviors in decision making. This was helpful in both my personal and work life which resulted in improved outcomes. The presentation and exercises were great tools in reviewing the topics and focusing on needed reinforcements.

– Franca Montevago, Credit Suisse

I managed to come to a decision (to move forward with the new job opportunity) – in large part thanks to the work I had been doing following your AREA method.

– Iris, Netherlands

AREA method has helped the people in my organization maneuver through the thorny process of decision making for programs and operations. In the end, we always arrive at better understanding of the issues on the table, the pros and cons of each option and thereby a clear and smarter decision.
I would say that each time we applied the method within our work, we progressed and felt smarter than we could ever imagined.
Indeed, this work is a masterpiece.

– Ashby Patrick, Executive Director & Co-Founder(VISO)| DDR/CVE Community Strategies Expert| US-IVLP Alumnus |Int. Public Policy Advisor

I’ve been reveling over “Problem Solved,” and have found it to be revolutionary to re-thinking my projects. Thank you for developing the AREA Method and for sharing your wisdom.

– Lee

I find AREEA quite remarkable in the way it is both systematic and systemic. By that, I mean it offers an orderly, process-driven way to unbundle an issue while simultaneously tackling it as part of a system of embedded decisions.

– Deb


Anuj Magazine’s visual map of Cheryl’s decision myths article.

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