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Problem Solved Podcast: Should A Teacher Go Back To School?

So you might expect that an educator would be in favor of more education, right? Well, not for Emma, a former Teach for America teacher who went into nonprofit education and wanted to decide what kind of graduate school program would best help her become an expert educator. Listen to the latest version of the Problem Solved Podcast and hear how AREA helped Emma redefine a critical professional development decision about how to dot her “i’s” and cross her “t’s” without too much homework.


Here was Emma’s initial decision problem:
Where should I go to graduate school in education?

Here was Emma’s Vision of Success:

Complete a graduate program that is a training ground for future high school principals.

Here were Emma’s Critical Concepts:

  • Find a graduate program that focuses on practical skills and application.
  • Find a program where I can graduate with less than $20,000 in debt.
  • At end of program be well qualified for a job in school administration.

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