Problem Solved AREA Cheetah Sheets


A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction

The Cheetah Sheets are the graphic organizers of the AREA Method. They act as a guide, providing tips and techniques for how to find, gather and analyze information. Download the Cheetah Sheets and be sure have your copy of Problem Solved handy to see them in context, with further explanation and examples for how to make your big decisions better!

Problem Solved contains 24 Cheetah Sheets that offer tips and techniques for where to look for information, what questions to ask of your data and what kind of analysis to do in each of the A, R, E&E, A steps to make your big personal and professional decisions better!

  • A companion guide for the book Problem Solved
  • 24 Cheetah Sheets to guide your decision making

You currently have two Cheetah Sheet download options. Individuals may purchase one license to download, while teams of up to 5 may purchase five licenses to download. The download link will only allow a specific number of downloads.

For additional copies or bulk purchases, please contact Cheryl Einhorn.

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