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Safe Flight: How Pilots Are Trained In Decision-Making

At a time when airline travel is back with a vengeance and yet the news is filled with stories of flight delays and pilot shortages, have you ever wondered how pilots make decisions? How are they trained and evaluated? 

If you plan to take to the sky anytime soon, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Problem Solved podcast. Veteran pilot, safety and flight training instructor Gustavo Passamiglio Libardi joins me to discuss pilot training programs. How are pilots prepared to deal with the complexity and challenges of crowded skies, ever-changing technologies and Mother Nature?

In this episode you will learn how pilot training is changing with new decision-making skills for problem solving, gathering evidence and thwarting biased thinking. 

 Gustavo Pizzamiglio Libardi is a a type-rating examiner with more than 15 years of experience training pilots at flight training schools and airlines. As Flight Safety Officer, he was certified by CENIPA, the Brazilian Aeronautical Accidents Investigation and Prevention Center, and is the former Head of the Safety Department and Head of the Training Department for two different organizations.

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