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The End of Jobs? A Podcast With Workplace Expert Jeff Wald

In 2010 serial entrepreneur Jeff Wald co-founded Work Market, a software platform that enables companies to efficiently and compliantly organize, manage and pay freelancers. Eight years later, in 2018, he sold the company to payroll services giant ADP, staying on as an ADP executive. Since then he wrote and published a book chronicling the rise of the gig economy and the relationship between on-demand workers and employers.

In this episode of the Problem Solved Podcast, I interviewed Jeff about his book, The End of Jobs, and how the Covid crisis is speeding up some of the key trends that he identified. He talks about the rise of remote and freelance work, the ongoing need for workers to reskill and the power that technology platforms and artificial intelligence have to drive data driven corporate decision-making like never before.

Listen here as we discuss:

    • How companies make the decision about what type of employee to hire: freelancer, temporary, part time or full-time worker
    • The decision-points that workers face when deciding to engage in freelance employment
    • The retraining options companies provide workers as we enter a period of rapid skill deterioration
    • As a worker, how to make the decision when to reskill or upskill
    • How companies are making decisions in adapting to robots and AI
    • How data flow impacts decision making at startups versus big companies

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